Instant Revitalizer
  Helps rebuild suppleness and hydration while leaving hair smooth and manageable. For all hair types.
  Sizes : 1 L - 10 L
Capillary Milk
  Especially designed to treat and protect colour-treated, permed, discoloured and brittle hair. Contains active ingredients to free tangles and give volume, body and shine.
  Sizes : 100 ml - 170 ml - 490 ml - 1 L - 10 L
Capillary Milk Plus
  A capillary emulsion specifically designed to protect, treat and regenerate chemically treated damaged hair. For very dry hair.
  Sizes : 170 ml - 476 ml
Capillary Protein
  Panthenol and proteins maintain well-balanced hair. This continuous-action treatment formula promotes body and shine for dry, fine and damaged hair and strengthens split ends.
  Sizes : 350 ml - 10 L
Capillary Vials
  A combination of several ingredients to revitalize, soften and condition hair.
  Size : box of 12 vials
Desquaming Cream
  Suitable for all scalp-related problems. Promotes blood circulation and leaves scalp feeling refreshed.
  Size : 500 ml
SEBO Concept / DA
  Specially formulated to help control your hair and skin against excess of seborrhea and itching.
  Size : 200 ml